The Most Important Factors in Local Search

When it comes to local search, there are a number of factors that can influence your ranking. Survey outreach, on-page signals, links, NAP presence, keywords in titles, anchor texts (inbound), inbound authority, and the number of linking domains are all important elements that can affect your local search results. On-page signals are essential for both traditional and local SEO. These signals have a major impact on localised organic results and the local pack, accounting for 15% of the local pack ranking factors.

Proximity is also a key ranking factor when it comes to local searches, as Google takes into account the distance between the physical location of a business and the location of a Google user when performing a search. Google My Business (GMB) is the most important place for a citation to exist for a local business. Your GMB listing should include your address, contact information, and hours of operation. If potential customers cannot find this information, they will look for another business.

Optimising these factors can help increase your local rankings, increase your chances of appearing in Google's Local Pack, and help customers find you. To become more relevant in local searches, you should focus on local keyword optimisation, which involves adding local keywords to your website, blog posts, GMB listing, social media profiles, and other areas of your web presence. We will create a local SEO strategy tailored to your needs and goals and focus on delivering meaningful results. According to Moz's local SEO report, Google My Business signals are the main ranking factors.

Local content such as blogs, news articles, videos, graphics, and event announcements related to a local area can also help boost your rankings. Link building is also an important factor in local SEO. You should look for ways to engage with the local community and gain links, social media shares, and get your brand in front of potential customers. Directory distribution, review management, listing updates are all great ways to increase your visibility in local search results.

Creating content about your city or local area on your website pages is also beneficial for local SEO. When planning your local SEO strategy, keep in mind that different factors will require different time investments. Once you have optimised your website for local SEO, you should be in a better position to improve your rankings and increase organic traffic. Finally, Schema markup for local businesses can help tell Google that you are a local business and not a big brand. This can help boost your rankings in organic search results.

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